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Massage N' Spirit was born from a concept and idea arising from the need to help and educate people about their health. Our first establishment started out at Doniphan Street close to Sunland Park Drive. The new establishment at 1721 Wyoming Ave came about because of a vision for the future to expand in order to better serve the El Paso community by making alternative health services available to all at resonable prices.  

Juan Francisco Estrada

The whole idea of healing started of for me from the very young age of 7. I remember that my first patients where my cats. There I was mending broken bones and healing them with herbs because money was a big issue in the sense that there was none. At that same age I was doing card readings and spiritual cleansings. All my clients thought it was cute cause who at that age would be interested in that? In grade school was where in an encyclopedia I ran into a phrase spoken by Shakyamuni Buddha that said: " In order to avoid disappointment, don't expect anything". With that started my interest in also healing the mind, not only in myself, but in all other living beings according to Buddhist psychology.

Growing up I would here people say that they would go to the doctor because of an ailment and they would come back with pills that would give them side effects. They would go back to treat the side effects and would come back with more pills aside from the ones that they already had. That is where a stronger interest in herbology, sobada, and curanderismo became stronger and so decided to study all of those very fiercely.

The present age of the world might seem to many like it is in such chaos and turmoil, but the world is only the result our minds, words, and actions. So thus said, we can have a beautiful paradise which we alread possess, but need to be made aware of. In order to help those changes be brought about is where Massage N' Spirit and myself are offered for the well-being of all. Many blessings!!!